Cormorant vs Tench


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Whilst out and about at Watermead Lake, Aylesbury I managed to catch this struggle between a cormorant and a rather large and unfortunate Tench. The struggle lasted nearly 6 minutes until the cormorant was in a position to dispatch the … Continue reading

Osprey Fishing


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A few shots of an Osprey fishing at Horn Mill trout farm near Oakham, Leicestershire.  We had an early evening session in the hide and thought we were out of luck until the osprey paid a visit with only an … Continue reading

Great Crested Grebe with Crayfish


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A few shots of a great crested grebe having just caught what I believe to be a crayfish.  The shots range from the initial catch to the demise of the poor crayfish, it’s always amazing to see the size of … Continue reading

Great Crested Grebe with catch!


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I followed this great crested grebe for an hour whilst it was diving, fortunately my patience eventually paid off.  Taken at Wilstone reservoir near Tring, Hertfordshire. © [John Mallaney] and [], [2019]. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express … Continue reading

Great black-backed gull – Seafood Lunch


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Observed this Great black-backed gull on Farne, battling to consume a large fish which it eventually accomplished.  Incredible, what an expanding neck line and an abundance of determination can do. © [John Mallaney] and [], [2018]. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of … Continue reading