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I am John Mallaney, a photography enthusiast based in Aylesbury, England. Notwithstanding my recently found enthusiasm for photography, I am very much an amateur photographer who is continuing a very steep but enjoyable learning curve.  Armed with a Nikon D750 and D7000 and Nikon 18 – 55mm, 50mm, 55 – 200mm, Sigma 10-20mm and Tamron 70-300mm,  90mm  macro and 70-200mm lenses.  My hope here is to gain a better understanding of the skills required and hopefully produce better results without going bankrupt.  Feel free to comment or indeed constructively criticise.  Thank You.

22 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Patricia

    Hello John –
    I found a photo of Sean Kelly on your site and am wondering if it would be possible to get some high res versions of the shot. I work for a bicycle tour company in Bangkok and Sean will be coming out here next year to do a ride with us. The photos I’m seeking you took in 2012.
    Best Regards,


  2. gpcox

    Very pleased to meet you. I enjoy going thru the photography area of WordPress because I feel photographer’s have the talent to see what us ordinary people just pass on by and I find that amazing.


  3. allentimphotos2

    Your steep learning curve has resulted in some very nice images. Also thanks for visiting my blog and liking sections. The best to you and your photographic endeavors.


  4. ladygrace33

    Hi John, I vivedly remember reading somewhere that an amateur photographer is dragging a lot of fancy equipement around, not knowing how to use it, but a photographer makes pretty darn good pictures with the equipment he got. It was quite the fun definition. But I think your photos are amazing already so it should not make you bankrupt 🙂


  5. Colin Burns

    Hello John, lovely pics. I’ve been trying to reach you. I would like to use a picture you have of deer in the Highlands, taken in 2014. Please can you contact me to have a chat about this… Many thanks!



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