Wintry Aviemore


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As Billy Connolly once said ‘There are two seasons in Scotland, June and winter… in Scotland, there’s no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes.’ To say the weather in Scotland is changeable is an understatement.  Only 24 … Continue reading

Early spring – common and garden birds

Here are a few shots of various birds that I have been waiting to post, but which have been forgotten about due to the vast amounts of pictures waiting to be published on my hard drive .  Amongst the shots below are greenfinch, great tit and a solitary wren.  Enjoy!

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Early Spring at Teddington Lock


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It’s surprising what wildlife there is to find at Teddington Lock when you consider that it is actually an urban area.  Not really intending to use my camera to photograaph herons, wild parakeets and so on (a social engagement was the reason … Continue reading