Mora Roma…………….

Following a wonderful weekend in Norcia we could not leave Italy without another visit to Rome.  Having booked into the Hotel Nazionale near to the Pantheon (4 out of 5 by the way) we went exploring.  A weekend of traditional Norcia fayre meant that first on the agenda was a pizza and a Peroni (back to basics) which was very much enjoyed.  To burn off  the calories a relaxing walk along the river Tiber in the warm sunshine was very much in order.  The walk took in the fantastic sights of Castel Saint Angleo and the busy but not to be missed St Peters Square and the Basillica.  Next on the agenda was the Piazza Della Rotonda the home of the Pantheon one of the most impressive ancient buildings in existence.  Following a tour of the Pantheon’s impressive interior we settled down in the Piazza and watched the world go by and simply stare in awe at the history before us.  The charm and atmosphere of both the Piazza and the Pantheon meant that an inteneded early evening stop lasted late into the night.  Don’t miss it!

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