Norcia – The Main Event….The Wedding

Our very friendly taxi driver informed us that Norcia has only been reachable by modern modes of transport within the last thirty years or so: the earthquake of 1979 ensured that the area required government funding to rebuild, and so tunnels were erected through surrounding mountains to allow more freely-flowing transport.  So, relatively
new to the tourist track, we found Norcia to be a gem that we happened upon
thanks to our friends who had decided to wed there.  The birthplace of Saint Benedict, founder of the Benedictine monastic system, it is of particular importance in the
religious world.  After the marriage ceremony, the wedding party descended from the Town Hall, adjacent to the Basilica, to be greeted and congratulated in the piazza by locals and non-locals alike.  A bit of a red carpet moment, but with warmth.  The piazza
itself is the central point of the walled town, radiating from which are shop houses fronted by the most fabulous displays of famous local produce: wild boar (heads!), dried meats and truffles.  Yum!

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