Stunningly Scenic Castellucio di Norcia

A 28 kilometre ride from Norcia town, this thirteenth century hillside village is reached via a mountainside road offering the most spectacular views of the valleys surrounding Norcia.  Nature was kind enough to present us with low-lying clouds nestling in these autumn-speckled mountains, giving us views as though from a plane.  As we rose to a
height of 1,500 metres we descended again and were given a vista of the Piano Grande
(great plain), part of the Mont Sibillini National Park. In summer, photographs show that this may possibly be the largest flower bed in the world; on our visit, our hosts
suggested it may be the largest football pitch in the world, with the surrounding mountains all giving the best view in the house!  The few photos of geckos nestling in the ancient walls of this village were my eager attempt to use my new macro lens
without a tripod.  I am happy the little critters obliged in the mid-afternoon sun when they might have been siesta-ing!  See my post ” Castelluccio di Norcia – Geckos and all that

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