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Ring-Necked Parakeet

An inquisitive wild ring necked parakeet.

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Woburn Safari Park

Established in 1970 in the grounds of the estate of Woburn Abbey, the Safari park has thrilled and enticed many a visitor, and plays host to a variety of wonderful beasts and exotic creatures.  An amateur photographer’s playground, especially when a lioness obligingly opens her jaws wide whilst dozing close to your car, or a penguin peers at you accusingly,  right on cue. My enthusiasm ensured that I toured the larger enclosure twice.  Or was it three times?

Zebra of course!Here comes Trouble!Here's Lookin at You Kid!Lion what else?Woburn Safari Where Is It?Cute?A Blur!Parroting Around!Woburn Safari - Graceful!Woburn Safari - Pretty Eyes!Woburn Safari - Fight Anyone?Woburn Safari -  Ostrich!   Woburn Safari Park - Hi!Woburn Safari Park - Just Chillin!Woburn Safari Park + Yawn!!Woburn Safari Park

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