Brrrr, from the last few weeks….

Although I am Scottish and supposed to be acclimatised to the driech weather, it does come as a shock to the system when we get these occasional cold snaps down south.  Indeed, spare a thought for some of the poor wee blighters below whose daily diet is ruined by the white nasty stuff that is snow.  If scraping for food is not enough, I caught the picture below of a hungry Sparrowhawk (at a distance), which had rested on a neighbour’s roof whilst terrifying a flock of birds of the smaller variety.  I also managed to take some final pictures of the Waxwings, whose numbers have definitely dwindled (as have the berries), and who by now are probably tucked up safe and sound back home in their Scandinavian nests.

Blackbird chilling Sparrowhawk on the hunt on neighbours roof A well fed Waxwing Blackbird braving the snow Waxwing 3 (2) Waxwing 4 (2) Chaffinch 5 (2) An energetic Hare Hare Bird on a wire

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