John Mallaney

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White-Tailed Eagle

8 Responses to “White-Tailed Eagle”

      • Creative Junkie

        I completely agree. Close to where I live there is a river that freezes over in the winter but there is a damn in the middle of it so all the Bald Eagles move to it to eat… It


      • Creative Junkie

        Agreed! During the winter months here in Iowa when the river freezes all the Bald Eagles move down to one spot. There is at least 75 of them all together… It’s one of the most beautiful things to see.


      • John Mallaney

        I an imagine, I am posting a few portraits of a bald eagle later but sadly these are taken at a local bird of prey centre. To see them in the wild must be amazing.


      • Creative Junkie

        Nice! I cant wait to see them. I have taken a few at those kinds of places as well, but to see them free in the wild is really amazing… especially when they are fishing 🙂


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