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The Castles of Skye and Eilean Donan

4 Responses to “The Castles of Skye and Eilean Donan”

  1. s1203

    What a beautiful pictures… I am realy in love with all those wonderful lakes, casles… as a matter of fact – all highland…


      • s1203

        You know, those pictures make me think about beautiful castles in my country…(surf-surf-internet) beautiful Trakošćan above lake not so far from Zagreb…magic like my son said when he saw “Wow, where is Harry Potter?”, and of course all old defense forts through all Adriatic coast…great wall of Dubrovnik, or Korčula -birth home of Marco Polo, warm sea, beautiful islands, beachies… but on the other hand, Sky and all that high land with wild and cold sea is so different and exciting…I hope one day I will make trip… my imagination run wild with only look at Ele Donan… wow, sorry for rambling… with best wishes, Snježana, Zagreb


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