3 thoughts on “Oot and Aboot in the Trossachs

  1. Hi Marina,

    Thanks for the comment. This was my first attempt using my DSLR and a slow shutter speed. I must admit though it took several attempts as the depth of field on a number of shots left a lot to be desired. The photo was taken whilst I was back home in Bonnie Scotland, alas there are no waterfalls where I live in Buckinghamshire, it is all very flat! Good luck when you get around to snapping some waterfalls, I am following your blog which is very interesting by the way and look forward to seeing some stunning waterfall shots in the future.


  2. for a first trial with DSLR – that’s amazing! the skill level of photographer’s is something I am in awe of. If I do manage such a shot, you’ll see it on my blog!!! Thanks for your kind words 🙂


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